Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, Bentonville, Arkansas

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I rolled out early from camp today as I will be headed back to Texas and will need to provide some assistance to my friend Texas Tim. He’s going to need a wife for a couple days and since he used up all his favors with Austin Powers, I’m up next on deck! Apologies for these photos as it appears they all came out a little blurry…… I’m not exactly sure why my iPhone was struggling but I need to document this park so do not adjust your phone/camera.

This park is amazing, so much infrastructure!

We tried to do a similar concept back in the early 2000s with the Eagle Bike Park but with a fraction of the resources. I think we were just a little too far ahead of our time. The Eagle Bike Park is now a fun playground for mountain bikes but back then it was a struggle. See that park here.

This is a peddle assist track to the top of the mountain so that the e-bikes have a well maintained and sustainable route to the downhill trails.

Switchbacks on the pedal assist trail.

A small portion of the downhill trails.

This is called the “Hub” which is at the top of the mountain and a location where many downhill trials start. Besides downhill trails they have a bunch of cross country trails and walking/running paths. What a place and they use the crapp out of it. Well done and thank you again Walton Family! I shall return!

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