The Back 40, Bentonville, Arkansas

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What is this????? Frost on the pumpkin? I must be getting soft because this feels uncomfortable! Today is not a photography day, it’s an epic mountain bike day. I shot just enough photos to give a feel for the ride. I picked one of the longest loops I could find and rolled out early.

The start of my ride involved about 4 miles of relatively flat green belt action to the Back 40 Trailhead at Boiling Springs. Along the way, I saw trails everywhere! Its like a pile of spaghetti here!

Once on the trail, it was a steady dose of epic single track. An incredible variety of fast twisting flats, technical rock sections, punchy climbs, and a couple pucker decent.

Also, you had your odd feature thrown in, most of which I took the ride around as my skill set was defiantly oxidized……

Once again, the infrastructure here is off the charts!

Thank you Walton Family!!!!! I am a converted Walmart Fan! Okay, I will leave you with a little background on that comment. Apparently the grandkids of Sam Walton are big outdoor enthusiasts and have put a bunch of money into enhancing the outdoor experience in their community. (Walmart was started and is based in Bentonville.) Mission accomplished. People here are fit, active and heathy!

My ride lasted about 4 hours which is about 2 hours longer than my normal rides in Texas. Luckily there was a Starbucks on the way back to camp!

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  1. The Wlaton family has also been integral is preserving a lot of Baja Mexico and prevent mining in its very sensitive ecosystem from the mountains to the sea!


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