Devil’s Den State Park, Arkansas

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On the advice of my adopted niece Mariel, I stopped into Devel’s Den State Park on my way to Bentonville. It’s about 45 minutes south and a good way to break up my transfer day. That sign says its the birthplace of Arkansas Mountain Biking, 1989. I was not aware of that!

There have been many days of heavy rain in this area and the creek was flowing pretty high. Many of the lower trails involved crossing Lee Creek which was not in the cards today.

Luckily there was much more available to sample. It wasn’t long before I realized these were amazing trails. Amazing craftsmanship and obviously built by mountain bikers, for mountain bikers!

The further I worked my way up the mountainside, the more technical the trails and interesting the rock formations.

Lee’s Creek below.


Portions of this trail reminded me of riding the backcountry of Idaho.

Taking a break.

This is the Devil’s Racetrack Trail that ran along the base of this cliff for a good long way. If you look carefully, you can see water raining off the cliff.

I got a nice shower riding in and out of the dripping cliff.

Then I ran into this, what a way to finish the ride. If you look carefully, the trail runs underneath the water fall.

What an amazing ride. This Devil’s Racetrack is one of the best stretches of trail I have ever ridden. Put me down as impressed! I think I love Arkansas!!!!

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