Signal Hill on Magazine Mountain, Arkansas

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As some of my peeps have noticed, there has been a brief break in action here at Sometimes life throws you a few twists and turns that take you away from your focus….. It’s time to get out and adventure again! I’ve had this trip on the books for quite some time and wanted to get up here for years. Why Northwest Arkansas? A couple of reasons, Bentonville has a reputation as the mountain biking capital of the South. Also, the state high point is in this area so I will tag that along the way. After a goodly amount of driving from my home in Texas, there it is!!! I snapped this image through the bug stained windshield. Now, I realize that by Idaho standards, this doesn’t seem like much of a mountain but for someone who has spent most of the last few months in Southern Texas, I am fired up to see a bump on the horizon!

Surprisingly, this mountain has quite a bit of prominence. It rises over two thousand feet above its surrounding area. That is the good news, the bad news, I was able to climb most of that elevation in my van up to my camping spot. Or maybe that is good news too!?

I settled into my spot then made myself a nice dinner. With a full stomach, I decided to tackle the summit before sunset.

Summit!!!! 2753′. Notice the rock pad in front of the sign? It is shaped like the state of Arkansas. A careful eye can pick out the USGS survey marker at the actual high point and that the different textured stones actually represent ridges and other mountains in the state.

A short distance away are views looking north off Cameron Bluff.

From this view, one can see that this mountain is significantly higher than the surrounding area.

More views.

One final image. Tomorrow, I will extensively hike this area and get a net full of view images I’m assuming.

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