Magazine Mountain, Arkansas

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I got a fairly early start on this brisk but beautiful morning. My plan was to make about a 5 mile loop hike out along the west end of Magazine Mountain.

It’s interesting to see the pine trees down in the lower elevations and the hardwoods running up the mountain. It is still very early spring up on top.

I snapped this random image of the forest thinking it was a throw away but soon realized that there was a heard of whitetail deer standing in the frame. I can’t see an of them in the image.

Bonzi! Also known as a “Richie Tree”.

Same tree, different angle.

There were about a dozen towers of one form or another on the west end of the mountain. I thought this was the most interesting one.

One final hiking image looking south off Sunset Point.

I hiked back to camp, ate lunch and saddled up for the afternoon festivities. I came across this hand glider launch and really had an urge to throw rocks off the cliff…… Denied!

This spot had one of the best views on the mountain.

Ummmmm, no thanks. I don’t think hand gliding is for me, jumping off a perfectly good cliff seems nuts.

Pano view.

On to the mountain bike ride and a warm up for Bentonville.

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