Spring Creek Nature Trail – Spring, Texas

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Today I was able to accomplish a goal I have been shooting at for several years which was to ride the entirety of the Spring Creek Nature Trail. This is a single track trail which runs along about 15 or 16 miles, you guessed it, of Spring Creek.

This is Spring Creek. For a variety of reasons, the moon, planets, and stars alined which allowed me to ride this entire trail. It’s not a loop so you either need to ride out and back or loop it on the roads. I live near the middle of the trial so end up regularly going out and back on only half the trail. Today, after about 45 minutes of road riding, I ended up on the southeast end then rode to the northwest end closing the loop back on the roads.

This is one of my favorite all time steeds, I believe this is her first appearance on Davefaitlemonde. She is the perfect ride for this relatively non-technical section of trail combined with lots of pavement.

It was absolutely a gorgeous day, perfect for completing my mission.

Despite some man made obstacles, (road, trail, and bridge closures) I was able to complete the entire trail and loop it back home. In all, about 32 miles and a whopping 532 feet of elevation gain for the entire ride. All this, under 3 hours.

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