Rose Garden Mountain – Phoenix, Arizona

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It’s my last day here in here in Phoenix so I was up early to get some legit sunrise photographs. After a bit of a walk to the trailhead, it was time to work. The full moon was setting on Rose Garden Mountain.

Shooting the sunrise is much more suited to this lens than shooting the full moon.

The image content here in the desert southwest is so very different that parts further east.

As I climbed the mountain, I was racing the sun to the summit while trying to get some images along the way.

I was searching a good cactus silhouette and not finding my ideal location.

At the top of the mountain I had amazing pre-sunrise views and minutes later here comes the sun!

Boom, what a way to start the day!

On the way back, these hot air balloons drifted behind the cactus knoll for the final image of the day. Now back to the Lone Star State.

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