Spring, Texas to North Phoenix, Arizona

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My son Mikey is moving to Phoenix, Arizona so I was graciously volunteered to help him move. We packed up the trailer and hit the road, first stop, the classic Texas pit stop at Buc-ees! We loaded up on fuel and jerky then headed on out. We like to Buc-ee Bcc-ee! Or as they say at Buck-ees “Eat – Get Gas.”

When pulling a U-Haul trailer, you do lots of this! At least we were enjoying the warm early spring temperatures while the rest of the nation was experiencing a winter snow storm.

The next morning, we woke up to a classic western sunrise, as shot from the hotel parking lot.

Mountains of the Southwest with a little snow. In this case, Mount Graham as seen from Stafford, Arizona. Guess I need to come back with the van and my bike to climb that peak.

Success!!!! I will spend a couple days helping the kid get moved in then fly back to H town.

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