I was up nice and early this morning so first thing was a walk down to the Starbucks for a cup of Joe. Along the way, I was eyeing this hill behind Mikey’s new neighborhood. After grabbing a coffee and walking back, I started looking for an access point. Surely people find a way to climb this thing!

While searching for my access point, I found this big red flag…..

Access point?!?! This will do donkey!

As it turned out, this hill was much more substantial than first met the eye and turned into a nice little hike.

These Saguaro Cactus are just amazing creatures.

Near the tup of the summit, an interesting outcropping of white rocks.

More Saguaro Cactus that make for interesting silhouettes.

At the summit, some LYFs. In the fare distance, Bell Mountain.

To the south is Camelsback Mountain and ridge. In all, not to shabby for a morning stroll! I wonder if Mikey is awake yet?

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