Toledo Bend Reservoir, Yellowpine, Texas

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After finishing up the Natchez Trace Parkway and woking my way across Louisiana, I arrived at this slice of paradise here in Texas. Now when I think of Yellowpine, this is not generally what I picture! My Idaho friends know exactly what I mean!

This lake, like everything else in Texas, is massive! I happened to be here on a day where I was all alone in this campground. Kinda cool and eerie at the same time.

As you can see, parts of the lake are beyond the horizon. Luckily, right before I left on this trip, my friend Rosemary had lent me a book about Texas Rivers. I was able to read some stories about the Sabine River of which the Toledo Bend Reservoir includes. It seems most stories about he Sabine included tales of mosquitoes, snakes, and goat men….. of which I saw none.

I was perfectly situated on the lake to take advantage of a 180 degree sunrise setting so I rose well before sun up to capture every moment!

While it was still pitch dark, I was stretching the capability of my favorite astrological lens but was able to capture a few stairs and an airplane in this small hole in the clouds.

Like the day before, my sunrise was pretty disappointing. However, while most of the rest of the country is suffering with a major winter storm and cold snap, I was enjoying my coffee in the warm 70 degree humid air. I took this moment to ponder this week long tour of southern peaks and roads. It was a short 3 hour drive back to Houston were I am already plotting my next a big adventure!

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