Natchez Trace Parkway (Day 2), Mississippi

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As you can tell, in this part of the country, the tree cover makes for limited views, even at the top of these peaks….. As I ate my dinner the evening before down in my campsite, I could see that a beautiful sunset was unfolding in the canopy above me. I was really kicking myself for not being on top of the mountain to capture the scene.

I was up bright and early the next morning and hiked up to the summit in the pitch dark. I was not going to miss the sunrise!

Well, as you can see, sunrise on this particular February morning was crap! I returned back to the van, had breakfast and continued my journey down the Trace.

I’ll bet this country is very pretty with the fall foliage.

Although my stroll down the Natchez Trace was quite continuous and leisurely, I did manage to snap this photo of a Cyprus Swamp during a brief potty break.

My next stop is going to be something a little different at the Toledo Bend Reservoir in Texas, stay tuned!

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