Cheaha Mountain the Hard Way, Alabama

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I’m camped here near the top of the mountain and although I bagged Cheaha Mountain yesterday by small hike from my campsite, I know that today I needed to bag this peak the hard way…. After breakfast, I put on my big boy hiking boots headed to the bottom of the mountain.

On my way down, I took a couple side trips, first up Pulpit Rock.

There were some cool snags hanging off the rocks so I went to work shooting.

Now one in portrait mode.

Next up, a couple water falls. Can you see the one on the right in the trees?

Down below, Cheaha Lake.

On the way down, more trees and rocks.

Finally, after a goodly amount of time and some tired braking quads, Lake Cheaha. I was glad I had done some brake quad training back in Idaho on Kelly Mountain. The difference, this decent was about 1500 feet and Kelly Mountain was over 3000.

I flipped it around and made the accent, this time, it was legit!

I spent the afternoon mountain biking again, see yesterday’s blog to get the gist. On to the next high point!!!

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