Cheaha Mountain (Part 1), Alabama

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Time now for the Alabama State High Point! After a small hike from my camp site (small but longer than yesterday’s), I was soon approaching the high point.

At the top, a CCC Observation tower and building. Cool architecture!

Up on the observation platform, I thought about scratching my name into the walls…..NOT!

At 2407 feet, it’s not much of a skyscraper but when everything around you is relatively close to sea level, the views are not too shabby.

More views

A short hike later and I was on Bald Rock or Rocks.

More views here as well. Most of the ridge and peaks are tree covered so if you don’t find some rocks to climb on or a place where the trees have been chopped down, there aren’t many views.

I hiked back to the camp spot and prepared for an afternoon mountain bike ride. Stay tuned!

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