Here is another state high point, Florida! After a short hike, I summited Britton Hill. At 345 feet of elevation, this is the lowest state high point of them all. Since I climbed Mount Whitney last July, that makes the highest (in the lower 48) and the lowest state high points in less than one 6 months. FYI, they are located 3008 kilometers apart.

How short was the hike? Well, there is my van behind the monument.

In fact, I didn’t even get out of my driving slippers.

Conveniently located just behind the lens was this bathroom. Also hanging near the door, a summit register….. In true John fashion, I didn’t even bother and then muttered something about summit trash.

Here is the view. I was actually pleasantly surprised as the rolling rural hills in this area were very pretty. I sat down and had lunch before moving on to more strenuous adventures.

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