Huka Falls and Hawke’s Bay Wine Region, New Zealand

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The outlet to Taupo Lake cuts though a lava field and creates a long high flow notch.

After white water rafting on a much smaller river, we were all amazed at the power of this flow.

The roar of the water made the ground shake and reminded me a bit of Yellowstone Falls.

Our Backroads group taking it all in.

The falls spills into this flatter stretch of river and continues on.

Meanwhile, we hiked upstream and I captured this image. Seems that sign doesn’t necessarily communicate the urgency of this last exit.

Any rafters here might never know the excitement about to start.

More tranquility.

After we headed down the road for a bit, we ended up at this winery for a pre ride lunch.

It was now time to get on the bike for a good stretch of the legs.

Today I was riding with the Hodogg. Notice he is on the wrong side of the road? It does take a bit of adjustment.

After a good bit of rolling up and down, it was time for a long decent down into the Hawke’s Bay wine region.

I had to stop and photograph this fence full of old shoes.

Larry crossing the Ngaruroro River.

The afore mentioned Ngaruroro River.

This is my bike for the week, I have nicknamed her “Slippie” after her seat post.

One last image from our hotel grounds.

More fun teed up for tomorrow!!!!

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