Kidnappers Bay and the Hawke’s Bay Wine Region, New Zealand

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This morning we start the day by rolling out over the Tukituki River.

This area has the feel of France but riding on the wrong side of the road.

Also, the parts of France I’ve ridded don’t have these palms.

It was a gorgeous day today, the theme that has carried on throughout the trip.

Kidnappers Bay, a name that dates back to James Cook.

Bench on a beach.

The pastels of Kidnappers Bay.

Shocker, a tree picture on

Larry acting as the wife sweeper.

Cliffs of Kidnappers Bay full of pine trees. Interesting fact, pine trees are not native to New Zealand but they are everywhere.

The quiet backroads of Hawke’s Bay.

My friend Rosemary informed me a couple days ago that New Zealand is called the land of the “Long White Clouds”. Since then, I have seen these long white clouds everywhere and have heard the expression a couple of times. Ok, this photo of the Long White Cloud is a bit of a stretch.

Tommy’s road picture of the day.

Riding up the Tukituki River Valley.

I was loving this ridge of small peaks and very badly wanted to stop and climb one of them. Turns out we are going to do just that tomorrow!!!!

We finished up on this sweet bike path.. Both Larry and I were wishing we had our Diverges!

One last image of Te Mata Peak (left side). Looking forward to bagging another new peak with John!

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