Rotorua to Taupo, New Zealand

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Sunrise over Lake Rotorua.

I woke up to some gorgeous skies so I ran down to the lake and started shooting.

The dock….

The lake…..

Now the lake and trees.

Ok, back to the Backroads trip, already in progress.

We started our day at the Rotorua Mountain Bike Park not to mountain bike but to stage up for the road ride.

Look at that sign!

This photo is for Tommy, he loves it when I post road shots.

Now for some cow images.

These cows were not afraid of people but when I walked up to the fence, Number 199 tried to hide behind the fence post….. I honestly think she believed that I could not see her.

After a few seconds she decided that I was not a threat.

Number 376 was hamming it up for the camera.

Further down the road we enjoyed the rolling hills and green countryside.

Same location different settings.

A beautiful day for a ride in the New Zealand Countryside.

Another road image.

Our trusty Backroads support van and guessing by the fist out the window, that was Sam.

We finished the day at the hot springs and enjoyed a stroll along a hot stream.

After a small walk, we found a Yellowstone style hot water pool.

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