Blue Spring Putaruru and Lake Rotorua, New Zealand

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Hike Day! Today we did a bit of a shuttle then just as our legs were about to totally bind up, we arrived at our trailhead.

It’s a NZLWF…. New Zealand Little White Flower!

This was a crystal clear stream which reminded us of Big Springs back home.

On the other side of the bank, one of the crystal clear springs creating this stream. This is all a volcanic region so there are lots of cold springs and hot springs.

As we moved further upstream, we were surrounded by pasture land.

Small gate with two big rocks!

Red flowies!

Everyone who is a regular on my blog knows I like trees against the sky..

We arrived at our hotel at Lake Rotorua and were rewarded with an evening thunder storm.

The storm mostly missed us by made for nice photos across the lake.

We had tons of these flowers around the hotel grounds. Someone said these are weeds here but I don’t believe them.

Sunset from the dock, time for dinner then rinse and repeat tomorrow!

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