Auckland – Waiheke Island, New Zealand

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After a great night sleep it was time to enter the Jillroads Bubble and do non stop activities all day. No time for rest, its Ferrari Safari time, New Zealand style!

First up, a ferry ride to Waiheke Island, about a 45 minute trip to the west.

After an amazing breakfast, we sprinted to the Ferry Terminal Building and were the last ones to board the 8:00am sailing. Perfect! Not one second wasted!

The morning clouds and light were stunning over Auckland Harbor and seaport.

The Auckland skyline begins to recede.

Auckland is a city of about 2 million people and is the largest city in the country. Almost half of the entire population lives here.

New Zealand Flag with the car ferry on the left.

Our first glimpse of Waiheke Island which offered a great contrast to the bustling city.

The weather today is amazing, light summer breeze and temps in the mid 70s. The corpuscular rays showered down.

Arrival at the harbor on Waiheke Island.

This island is a slow paced village with lots of tropical smells and sights.

Dingy on the beach. This is peak tourist season here so we needed to fight the crowds to find a place on the beach.

Beach Time!

Time to stroll back to town for a cup of coffee. We passed the local bike shop along the way.

Back at the harbor, it was time to catch the ferry and head back to Auckland for lunch. No extended idle time on a Jillroads vacation, we have afternoon activities to complete!!!

Auckland off in the distance. Y’all come back and visit soon to see part two of New Zealand day one!

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