After waiting about 3 years since we originally scheduled this trip, we are on our way to New Zealand! Flying to this part of the world is always interesting because from the States, you cross the international date line. In our case, we left Thursday evening, flew for 14 hours mostly in the dark then landed right after sunrise on Saturday morning. What a great way to completely avoid Friday the 13th! While in Houston, we met up with our good friends Larry and Mary Ellen for two weeks of a ho down good time!

Auckland Airport…. I can figure out what those strange lights in the sky might be and the weird backward advertisement in the clouds?!??!

We arrived at our hotel downtown about 8:30 am local time and now the challenge is to stay awake until at least after dinner. We walked the streets of this part of town like zombies working to overcome jet lag in the first 24 hours of our vacation.

You realize fairly quickly in New Zealand that we are not in Kansas any more Toto. First, Kansas does not have an ocean, they talk funny here, and there are no guard rails on these piers. A less genetically advanced culture might walk off the end while texting and walking!

Auckland’s answer to the Sidney Harbor Bridge.

Sail Boat.

Beautiful weather and gentle warm summer breezes.

Auckland’s answer to Seattle’s Space Needle.

What a clean vibrant city!

One final image of our hotel area on the pier and I will fight for a couple more hours to stay awake. Tomorrow the fun begins in earnest!

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