Auckland (Day One – Part Two The Afternoon), New Zealand

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It doesn’t take too much time in Auckland before you realize that sailing is a big part of their culture and the America’s Cup is a big national priority. We booked an afternoon on this former Americas Cup boat so off we go!

Across the road, this monument to boats form the past next to the Maritime Museum. I believe this was the hull from the 1987 World Cup.

Once onboard, it was every hand on deck and we became part of the crew.

A slightly different view of Auckland as we cranked up to speed in what I thought were gentle breezes. This is one of only a couple places in the world where you can ride in a former America’s Cup boat. This particular boat was build by the Japanese and sailed in the 1995 America’s Cup. It eventually made its way here where with some modifications it was converted to a tourist experience.

It is difficult for photography to relate the scale of this boat and sail. This mass is over 100 feet tall.

Under full sail we sped down the harbor easily passing all the other sailboats. This boat was almost fully carbo fiber and like a nice carbon fiber bike was smooth and quiet, not a wasted ounce of energy. FYI, the boat weighs about 22 tons most of which is in the ballast suspended 14 feet below the boat in the keel.

The only wind powered vessel faster than us was these one person hydrofoils.

Time to turn downwind and out comes the Gennaker. Words and photography can relate the scale and beauty of this sail.

What a great experience! Time to head to dinner and rest up for day two of the Jillroads bubble.

But first, it’s time to Jive!!!! You will likely need to go directly to my web site to watch this video…..It’s worth the trip!

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