Bastrop State Park, Bastrop Texas

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s a new year and it time for some new adventures! It is hard for me to believe but I am currently booked up with adventures right now through April….. YEEEE HAWWWW!

Bastrop State Park is know for its Lost Pines, an area of pine forest that is cut off from other forested areas to the east. It burned in 2011 and much of the park in now full of young pines and old dead standing and fallen snags. The park was established in the 1930s to preserve this unique stand of pine trees. More recently, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was filmed here as well as a couple other famous horror films…..I’ll make sure to lock my doors tonight!

Most importantly, I’m here for a bit of family history. Although I grew up in and consider Idaho my home, my family is actually from southern Texas and only a couple hours drive from here. My father mentioned to me a couple weeks ago that his father, my grandfather, had talked about the Lost Pines Area….. Of course, I immediately placed that near the top of my “to do list”.

Recent rainy days and a super cold spell have lead to a few days of glorious weather. I arrived at the park and immediately headed out for an orientation hike. The temperatures are in the mid 70s and there is no wind, I love Texas in January!

Although the park itself is a large track of forest, a glimpse of the horizon shows that civilization is not far away.

Time for some tree photography with these cool looking skies.


An old dead snag next to a new tree of unknown variety with some kind of a vine.

Part of this park is an old golf course which has been allowed to return to a natural state. The old golf cart paths are now walking trails. The park has a huge CCC history and much of the historic construction has been preserved.

Tomorrow I am headed out for a hike on the Lost Pines Loop which is a 10 mile hike to more remote locations in the park. I’m not sure if my grandfather ever actually hiked this trail but I’m going to assume he did so this will be a special one for me!

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