Guadalupe River State Park (Day 2), Boerne, Texas

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Day 2 here at GRSP and I have a good solid hike planned to explore all four corners of this park.

Denied!!!!! For the second straight visit to the hill country I am rained out of the trails! This morning I woke up to a drippy rainy day and spend all morning in the van working on various computer projects. Looks like I am going to Plan B this afternoon.

Texas Tim lives nearby and he was equally hamstringed by the wet weather so we decided to meet up and go for a stroll around the river area which was not closed. Below, an old wagon road and river ford.

This wide spot in the river is apparently a historic wagon crossing. You can make out the exit on the other side.

Time to shoot a few river tree pictures.

The root systems on these trees is amazing. Apparently they need to hang on during flood season!

Just upstream of the ford, the river gently eases down the canyon.

On the park map, they call these “rapids”….. I’m guessing the river runners would classify these as Class I.

Different tree, same river,

The forecast for tomorrow is much better so Texas Tim and I made a gravel ride plan. I’m guessing the trails won’t be dry yet so we turn to alternative activities.

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