Guadalupe River State Park, Boerne, Texas

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After a drive of several hours, I arrived at my camp spot here on the edge of the Texas Hill Country.

This part of Texas is fairly heavily forested and has lots of rolling hills.

This is the Guadalupe River which actually has some of my family’s history involved. Although this is near the headwaters of the river, my family is from Victoria, Texas which is located near the Gulf Coast. The Guadalupe flows thorough Victoria on its final few river miles before dumping into the Gulf of Mexico. I have childhood memories of visiting Victoria during flood season and seeing the river out of its banks.

High in the river basin, the Guadalupe flows clear. Lower in the basin, I always remember it being a muddy river of chocolate milk.

Tangly roots.

The river is currently flowing slow and clear. A posting at the park entrance indicated it is moving at 66 cubic feet per minute.

These cliffs are apparently full of swallows, I saw none today.

My favorite image of the day.

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