Padre Island – Day 2 (Part Two), Texas

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After a mid day break, it was time to tackle a nature hike…..

It turned out not to be much of a hike but the grassed dunes and interesting clouds made for cool photographs.

Grasses and ocean breezes.

These must be some kind of Yucca plants, these were sprinkled around the area.

More ocean and beach pictures, this one was a short drive away at the North Packery Channel Jetty.

Luby Beach is big!!!! With a quick search of the inter web, it appears they use this large beech for sand volleyball tournoments.

Back at camp we settle in for the evening.

I switched lenses and headed out for some nighttime photography. The clouds in this image look like an upside-down ocean.

The bright glow to the left are the lights of Corpus Christi the glow mid image are the oil platforms in the Gulf. The bright red light is a radio tower.

This image shot looking east shows the glow of the small towns along the Texas Gulf Coast.

One final image of Padre Island before moving to the Texas Hill Country. After a good dose of sand and ocean breezes, I’m ready for some more traditional Davefaitlemonde activities.

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