Payette Point, McCall, Idaho

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Since it is more or less full on winter here in McCall, I’m trying to hit all the favorite local winter hikes before I go back south to warmer weather. Up today, Payette Point or as some of the tourist call it……Egg Rock. The road over was a bit tricky as we had received about 6 new inches of snow earlier in the day.

Tom, Art, Brian, and I started up the trail thinking we should have brought the snowshoes!

Near the top, we could see that the final rock summit move was not going to be possible today with the ice conditions.

We would stop just below the summit and the views were still not too shabby.

Tom uses the puffy around the waist method while the rest of us brought packs with winter survival gear.

Little Payette Lake and the winter storm over Valley County. The sun was just starting to peak through but just barely! Soon I will be off to warmer and dryer adventures in Texas and beyond, my fill of winter is nearly complete!

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