Rapid River, Riggins, Idaho

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On an absolutely gorgeous day, we headed down to the lower elevations of the Riggins area for another winter hike. Even down here it was cold and snowy.

As we started up the trail, we all couldn’t help but stop every five minutes to take it all in and shoot a few photos.

After a while, Craig, Anne, Brian, Tom, Dakota, and Ruby had the hammer down and I was the only one left shooting photos.

The crew occasionally stopped and waited.

I’ve been on this trail several times and I knew the best photography happens at the beginning so I took my time and shot lots of images.

Classic Idaho single track!

All my friends and Dakota keep it rolling but Ruby occasionally comes back and checks on me.

Sun and shadows.

Brian crosses the first bridge.

Occasionally we get a splash of fall colors and Ruby’s orange vest always pops!

Hiking deep in the canyon with the intense sun makes for challenging photography. Also, it was very cold in the shade and hot in the sun.

Here again, Ruby left the group and came back to check on Uncle Dave. Isn’t she sweet!?!

Cliffs and snow.

As we cross back and forth over the creek, each side of the canyon has quite a different feel.

Another splash of autumn.

This is the view from our lunch spot. While eating lunch, we spotted a bunch of elk on the hillside. I need to get a telephoto lens to shoot wildlife and train my hiking buddies to carry it for me!

Lunch in the sun!

Ruby wanted to pose for the camera after we ate.

As we hiked back out, I occasionally turned around and got a few images looking into the sun.

It was a beautiful day with my McCall masters hiking crew! As I prepare to head south next week for warmer temperatures, I extend a big thanks to my friends here in Idaho. I will miss y’all!!!! See you next season.

One Reply to “Rapid River, Riggins, Idaho”

  1. Absolutely SPECTACULAR shots! I am surprised there was that much snow down in the Riggins area. Looks like we really are coming home to WINTER ⛄️⛄️ Enjoy your time in TX. See ya on your return. B&C



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