A Walk in the Park, Ponderosa Park, McCall, Idaho

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I am really lucky in that I live within about a mile of Ponderosa State Park which is really a jewel here in the McCall area. This time of year after the tourist go away and before the skiing starts, I frequently enjoy long walks in and around the park.

Along the way, the remnants of a burn pile. No wonder the lake has been smokey lately.

The Huckleberry Trail eventually come out along the lake onto a relatively secluded beach.

Tom, Craig, Finn and Dakota joined me today. Finn stayed relatively close to Tom but Dakota loved the beach!

It definitely feels like winter but I still see a few fall highlights. Also note the low sun angle. This far north and during this time of year, the sun never gets very high.

On the way back home, Dakota tears up some virgin snow.

Finally, the Tamaracks are still hanging on to Fall but just barely!.

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