Neighborhood Walk, McCall, Idaho

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It was an absolutely beautiful day so I decided to take a break from my chores and do a neighborhood walk.

Tamaracks and pines.

Recent snows have given way to blue skies.

The cold day has kept the snow clinging onto most of the branches.

Despite the mid day sun, the trees remained flocked.

This snow has followed the warm October so most of the aspens and tamaracks have not yet dropped their leaves.

Generally, the lake does not freeze until the week between Christmas and New Years.

The puffy clouds are foreshadowing the forecast snow storm.

Finally, with the sound jets overhead, I turned and snapped this photo. This is not an uncommon scene here in Central Idaho as the Fairchild Air Force Base near Spokane, Washington is home to the Air Force’s refueling tankers. We frequently see them refueling aircraft while out hiking and biking.

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