Driskill Mountain, Bienville, Louisiana

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I’m up early for a little nighttime photography. Well, let’s call it early morning photography. This time of year the sun doesn’t rise until about 7:15 am so after a cup of coffee, I leisurely strolled out for a morning photo shoot.

Shooting the night sky during a full moon makes the stars hard to see. It was a little eerie walking around the swamp during the full moon. There are lots of critters out there making strange noises! I was a little uncomfortable and definitely out of my element!

I buttoned things up and headed north about 30 minutes for a little hike.

I should have brought my silky! It makes me wonder if there is a Louisiana Train Association (LTS). Guess what! There is! Check it out here.

After getting close to the top of this mountain, I was able to shoot the sunrise through the trees.

Here we go! Summit! “This is the tallest “peak” in Louisiana, otherwise know as the state high point! 535 feet! Well, if you notice on the right, people have gathered up rocks and built a pile…. so I would say that the summit is now 537 feet.

A couple years ago, I asked John if he might be interested in flying down to Texas during the winter and going on a “Highpoint Trip”. Bagging a bunch of southern and eastern state high points (many of which you can drive to the top)…… He was generally not that enthusiastic about the idea saying “State high points generally don’t interest me.” After he passed away, I studied his web site and found that statement was generally BS! He had climbed a bunch of high points and in fact had made special trips including out east to climb some of the more notable ones such as Mount Washington. It fact, he had climbed many of the more difficult peaks, especially in the West. I decided to knock off a few more he hadn’t been up with his ashes in tow. Driskill Mountain, check!

The arrow above directs you to a viewpoint a few meters away……. this is the view……

I have finished my drive to Texas and now I am preparing the van for my return trip to Idaho, much more to come in the weeks ahead, stay tuned!

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