American Grand Prix – Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas

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My first Formula One Race!!!

Saturday is qualifying day with a bunch of other things to keep you busy.

CODA is a beautiful facility, talk about infrastructure!!! $$$$

Time for some racing, first up, a masters race, its like a bike crit with masters, etc.

Next up, classic Formula one cars.

Pit stop practice, don’t blink you might miss the wheel change.

Now it gets real! The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!!!! Shaaaaawinnnnggggg!

Then the big boys!

These are amazing machines!

Louis Hamilton wizzing by.

As we leave for the day…… What is this???? The Cowboy Cheerleader Bus?!?!?! What I wouldn’t give to ride along on that!!!! Can you imagine the pillow and tickle fights? Yes Please!

Finally, a couple of random sky pictures….. next up, road trip!!!!! (Unfortunately, not on that bus!)

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