Morton, Mississippi to Cloud Crossing, Louisiana

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I’m up early today time for some coffee and sunrise photo.

After a stop at the van dealership to finalize the paperwork, I’m on the road. My ultimate destination is back home in Idaho but I have more than a few stops along the way. Job one, get back on the correct side of the Mississippi River!

I ended up getting a fairly late start out of Jackson so I needed a place to lay over on my trip to Texas….. No problem, I’m a turtle now and carry my home away from home. I located a camp spot deep in the outback of Louisiana……

I didn’t realize that Louisiana has such remote locations……

When I arrived at Cloud Crossing, I found a rather nice camp spot! You might notice that the van has taken up Ruby’s roll of posing for many of my shots and I just realized that she has the same color coat!

Wow, this place is beautiful and a little swampy!

Even though the conditions were quite dry, this river bottom was wet and the mosquitoes were out!

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