Roosevelt State Park, Morton, Mississippi

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LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!!! It’s no surprise to many of my followers that I have had a new set of wheels on order for a goodly amount of time. After about 13 years, I have a new car! Well, its more like a rolling man cave. It is time to take Davefaitlemonde on the road!

I picked it up yesterday in Jackson, Mississippi and now I’m “camping” at a local park for a test drive. I spent most of the evening checking out systems and getting settled in but there was a little time to shoot photography around Shadow Lake. You might note that unlike all of my other camping trips, a keen eye will pick out the electrical connection to the grid……I have all the comforts of home including AC.

It is fairly dry here and I don’t think these are fall colors but dry vines. Temperatures here in Mississippi are in the mid-80s.

A quick walk right after sunset and a shot of the evening colors, tomorrow, I road-trip to Texas.

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