Camping in the Hill Country – Wimberley, Texas

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I have headed out of McCall on a “special adventure” mission (more on this coming soon), but along with the special mission, I’m doing a little camping in the Texas Hill Country.

When I say camping in Texas, I mean camping “Texas Style”! It’s a little differant than my normal “Idaho Camping”. Air Conditioning, running water, and I can text the front desk for anything I might need. No Mountain House dining here!


After a nice evening, I was up early doing some sunrise photography.

Up next, breakfast then a nature hike.

You don’t see these kinda berries in Idaho.

This vegetation and geography reminds me of my home in Southern France but instead of vineyards in the distance there are cow pastures.

Morning light.

Aforementioned cow pastures.

These scrub trees are extremely interesting!

Next up, my “special adventure” mission! Stay tuned!

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