Cloochman Saddle, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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What a beautiful day! I was in need of a solid bike ride and have been wanting to scout a potential future photography spot. Off I go!

Fall in McCall! Warren Wagon Road is quiet with the exception of a few hunters and firewood gatherers.

After a few miles, I ran upon this guy. He was walking straight down the middle of the road, right at me. We both stopped and stared at each other for quite a while. Neither one of us wanted to yield the way…..finally, in a slightly irritated manner, he strolled off the road and I continued.

The last time I had ridden this part of the road, it was early June and the snow melt was in full cry. Check out the difference in the river here.

The fall colors slightly up the mountain are amazing.

I do like this one spot near Upper Payette Lake. It is the only easy accessible places where you can see Blacktip Peak, one of the area’s most spectacular!

I turned off Warren Wagon Road and headed up to Cloochman Saddle. In the distance, both Pearl Mountains and the Twenty Mile Drainage.

At the saddle, I poked around looking for a nighttime photography spot and a place to camp…… I can make this work! I shall return!

One final shot looking off the saddle, now imagine nighttime and the Milky Way above!

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