Idaho Trails Association – Highline Ridge Trail (Finale), Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

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The next morning, I was up super early. I wanted to get some nighttime photography of the Ranch. One of the weight sacrifices I made in packing for this trip was that I left my good nighttime lens and tripod at home…… Most of the images I took before dawn were crap but I can tell you in person, it was beautiful!!!

Stonebreaker Ranch la nuit!

Using ever fence post and picnic bench I could find for a tripod, I captured the early dawn.

Slow shutter speed self portrait.

Of course no weight sacrifices were made in the coffee brewing department!

Lots of colors available in the pre-sunrise light to play with filters.

This is one of the most beautiful places in the world and the smoke added an odd feel to the whole setting.

Here comes the sun!

Sunrise over Stonebreaker!

One final image and a big thank you to my teammates, Dave and Beth at Stonebreaker Ranch, the ITA and the Payette National Forest! What an amazing experience, now it’s time to return to civilization…..

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