Idaho Trails Association – Highline Ridge Trail (Day 6), Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

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Day 6 is a travel day, time to pack up camp and head back to the lower elevations around the air strip.

Flossie Lake. As you can see, the smoke has moved in.

The more we descended, the worst the smoke became.

The rest of our crew was in a hurry but Carl and I were in no hurry to drop into the heat and smoke.

Our relatively slow pace gave me time to shoot some bear grass.

Carl and the Bear Grass!

After a bit, we found the rest of our crew lower down the trail.

The lower elevations break into the giant Ponderosa Pines.

Finally, back down to Chamberlain International Airport!

We dropped our tools off at the Forest Service Guard Station in preparation for our flights out the next morning.

We then headed about a mile over the hill to Stonebreaker Ranch where as you might recall, we had dropped off re-supplies on Day 1.

Stonebreaker is a historic ranch here in the Franck Church Wilderness and an oasis of relative comfort.

As you can see, Tom and Brian quickly made themselves at home!

Our hosts and the caretakers here at Stonebreaker are Dave and Beth. It was great to meet them and they rolled out the red carpet with hot showers and an amazing dinner. These guys. might have the best jobs in the world!

After a hearty meal, we settled in for our last evening.

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