Idaho Trails Association – Highline Trail (Day 5), Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

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On the morning of Day 5 we had to start the day off with a 1 mile hike back up to the Highline Trail. It was a nice warmup and without full packs, a pleasant way to start off the day.

I forced the group to stop and pose for me. Notice that the wildfire smoke is starting to build in…..Also notice that Craig and Brians’ white shirts are getting dirtier every day.

Up on the Highline Trail, it was back to work.

Here, Tom is using the Artful method of tree cutting.

Most of the trees along the Highline trail are fairly thin Lodgepole Pines. This is one of the bigger cuts we needed to make….not a lodgepole.

After some discussion on our approach, “One Cut” Craig and Tom go to work. Notice we dropped the hanger before the cut to make the work area safe. After the cut, we called in the rest of our crew and sure enough, old “One Cut” was right!

At lunch, we had worked to Trail 017 junction so the Highline Trail was now clear! We decided to hike down towards Fish Lake since we had come this far. We stashed the tools and enjoyed an afternoon hike.

Here is the view looking off the Highline Ridge towards the East.

Dropping down into Fish Lake was a bit of a steeplechase! That work will need to be for the next ITA Crew!

Fish Lake.

Sheepeater Peak, notice the lookout on top? Blowup on the right.

On the way back down to camp, we could see some of the many wildfires off to our East.

Back at camp, I did a small hike and was able to find a view of Flossie Lake which sits about a mile below us.

The best is yet to come!!!!!

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