Smoke Season, Valley County, Idaho

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In my last post, I mentioned the nearby fire drifting smoke over my camp. Yesterday, I went out for a gravel ride south of town and although the air quality is was not too bad, there was lots of smoke draped across the valley.

At this point, the major (Four Corners Fire) fire is about 10 miles south and the early morning smoke has not mixed into the valley air.

This is an image looking south where things are looking much smokier.

Finally, as I rode back to town, I spotted this strange bright light on top of Fitsum Summit. It definatly looked out of place and I stoped for several minutes to figure out what the heck! It never changed or moved….. I don’t see any smoke so it can’t be a fire! Sorry for the poor image quality but this is a very large digital zoom.

Last year, John and I climbed Nick Peak which is just south of that light and I happened to take this image looking north from the summit. The close in ridge center image is the same ridge in the photo above. The only thing I can figure is that the light was reflecting off the white rocks partly up that ridge….weird!

Here is an extreme blow up of that area:

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