Twentymile Lakes (Day 2), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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In the morning, I woke up to smoke from a nearby fire. Thunderstorms last week have ignited a forest fire near the town of Cascade and the wind was pushing the smoke our direction.

Hazy sunrise.

Self portrait time and notice the puffy coat? Although we are in the middle summer, I was camping at 8000 feet and it was a chilly morning. I need to learn how to hold still during these long exposure selfies! Ruby was still in the tent sleeping in so she was not available at that moment.

Fun with smoke and filters! Storm Dome Peak center image.

Twentymile Lake #1 and sunrise above Storm Dome.

As I work may way down the mountain, I spied a glimpse of sunrise on Black Tip Peak. This is one of the most spectacular peaks in the Payette National Forest but since it is tucked way back into the wilderness, there are very few locations it can be seen.

Mission accomplished, my new backpack is ready for extended adventures!

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