Ho Lake, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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Today, we decided to visit one of my favorite lakes which is extremely difficult to reach on a one day hike.

Ho Lake can be reached by other routes but takes two days to comfortably reach by backpack. On a one day hike, it’s only about a 1.5 mile hike but the first mile gains 2500 feet.

After a good hard effort, we are chilling at our destination, this Lake is a real gem!

Just over the edge looking the other direction, one has great views of South Loon Peak.

You might remember that back in July, Tom and I climbed South Loon and I snapped this photo looking back at Ho Lake, center image. It sits in the small pocket high on the mountain center image.

This is a digital zoom that day and you can see that in early July, it was still fully ice covered.

Today, not so much and Art actually took a swim.

Time for some fishing!

Time for some dog portraits! Dakota and Ruby.

Craig wore his camera friendly red shirt.

Here, Art contemplates a swim, then takes one.

It’s a sign of the season to see fire fighting aircraft. For a moment, we were wondering if they were going to dip out of our lake.

Time to head back up and over the ridge. From the top we had a great view of the Prince Lakes Drainage, another extremely difficult hike.

This is a view looking straight down our avalanche shoot back to the car. The nice thing about the avalanche shoot is that it has very little brush and no trees or downfall….. the down side, it is super steep! Can you see the car parked about 2000 feet below????

Here is a super large (and grainy) digital view of the car below.

Back at the truck, we took a moment to recover before our drive home. The dogs hit the shade and Craig took to telling fish stories. His fish story has already been exaggerated as I think he was saying something like “While you guys weren’t looking, I caught one that touched the ground when I held it this high!”

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