Twentymile Lakes, Payette National Forest (Day 1), Idaho

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It’s time for a backpack! I wanted to visit a set of four lakes in an area I have hiked only one other time. These lakes are relatively easy to reach (if you consider a six mile one way hike with 3000 feet of climb easy) and are fairly popular. I hate camping on mountain lakes with crowds so I waited until late summer and mid week to visit this area. It worked, although I saw a couple other day hike groups, there were no other campers! As we climb up the drainage, I glimpsed a view of Lost Art Peak on the left, and in the distance, Sawtooth Peak both of which I climbed earlier this summer.

Ruby was happy to get out….. as always! I just purchased a new backpack and since I am headed out next week for a week long pack in the Frank Church Wilderness, I better try it out and get it adjusted. Ruby does a quick inspection and seems indifferent to my exciting new equipment.

As we move up into the Twentymile Lakes Basin, Storm Peak comes into view.

After a goodly amount of time and a good hard effort, Twentymile Lake #1 and Storm Dome in the background.

A short time later, Twentymile Lake #2.

I dropped my pack at Twentymile Lake #2 and grabbed my fishing pole. Time to find out which lakes have fish and where I want to camp. Below, Twentymile Lake #3 with Storm Peak above. Note that there is a difference between Storm Peak and Storm Dome Peak which is off image to the right. John and I climbed both of these peaks a few years ago, see that trip report here. The views from those peaks are incredible, make sure to check them out!

We headed back down to Lake #2 and set up camp.

Ruby settles in for the evening, she is in her happy place!

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