Mount Whitney – Finale, Lone Pine, California

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Back off the summit we go! We need to traverse this ridge all the way to the right and beyond, a total of over 2 miles. Once above Trail Camp Pond, we can retreat to the relative safety below the ridge and headwall….. Lightning wise.

The going was relatively easy but the distance along the ridge was long.

Looking back to the west.

We hit the end of the ridge and dropped into Trail Camp Pond. Looking back up, we were all glad to be off the weather exposed ridge.

Trees and vegetation, a sight to sore eyes!

Water seemed to be coming off this mountain from every direction.

A daytime view of Lone Pine Lake and the valley below. At this point we were about 7000 feet above the valley floor.

As we turned the switchback and neared the parking area, one last view looking up the canyon which we climbed.

A big thanks to my climbing partners Tom and Rich! Been there, done that! What a mountain!

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