Mount Whitney – Part 2, Lone Pine, California

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After our little break and replenished water supply, we made our way over to the headwall. Trail Camp Pond begins to get smaller and smaller.

Higher up, you can now see Constellation Lake on the right. It sits just over a small ridge from Trail Camp Pond.

Oh Boy!!!!! This is Ledgie! It now seems like Trail Camp Pond is about 2 steps to the left.

Tom nears the ridge, at this point we are at over 13000 feet and breathing gets pretty labored.

At about 13,500 feet, we hit the ridge, on the right is that small rock we saw from Trail Camp Pond.

Views off the ridge looking west. Finally, I am not shooting into the sun. On the right, Guitar Lake….. I wonder why they call it that? Also notice, that tree line is way down there!

Rich is a couple minutes behind us and we knew he was coming because we could hear him talking to himself.

As we rounded a corner on the ridge, our first glimpse of the summit about 1.5 miles away.

A goodly time later, there it is! It’s a big broad summit with a shelter building. Why a shelter building?

Well, people need a place to go when the thunder storms build up which is a daily event in this part of the world…… Notice the clouds have changed?

We didn’t hang out long on the summit. As you can see, other than the shelter, there isn’t much cover for a long distance.

Looking off to the Southeast, the canyon we climbed up. A few gulps of food and water and its time to beat feet off this summit!

Come back soon for the exciting conclusion of our Mount Whitney Adventure!

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