Lake Thirty-three, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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One of my favorite lakes in this area is Lake Thirty-three. It’s been a couple years since my last visit so today was as good as any other for a return visit. Along the way, amazing views of Beaverdam Peak.

To the south, Sawtooth Peak.

Dakota having a rare moment holding still so I could take her photograph.

Up and over the headwall and Ruby scans Lake Thirty-three.

This is a very special place, I love the hanging Lakes!

This was Craig’s first visit to Lake Thirty-three and he was star struck.

Crossing the crack as we head over to the peninsula.

At the rock peninsula, there are a couple cool looking trees.


Notice the small log at the tip of the peninsula is actually not a log but Art taking a nap.

Art, Carol, Dakota, and Ruby as we head back.

Ruby loves this lake too, she has been here four times now.

Art and Craig taking the rock climbing route back up the headwall.

The bear grass is still in bloom.

An amazing day at an amazing lake!

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