Idaho Trails Association – Deep Creek Trail (Finale), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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First light on Granite Lake.

After about one hour of hiking back to our tools, we soon found more trees further down the trail. Before….

After! Here both Michael and Brian demonstrate the “Boot Method” to buff the tread.

Near the end of our project we entered an old burn area and had our first views since Granite Lake. This is a shot of the Twentymile Drainage center image.

Literally 10 feet from the end of our project we found this big nasty log….

Michael and Brian go to work while Art offers constructive criticism. Notice the trail junction sign in the background? That was the end of our project.

Good to go now!

Back at base camp our crew poses for a team photo. Noticeably absent….. Craig and his son Brian? You might also notice Sam on the the right? He appears to be the only one who really knows how to pose for a work crew photo!

Thank you Idaho Trails Association and the Payette National Forest! Also a big thank you to Brian and Sam, the PNFS Wilderness Rangers who participated in this project!

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