Idaho Trails Association – Deep Creek (Day 2), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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I was up early on the morning of Day 2 and happy to find the mosquitoes still sleeping.

While making coffee and breakfast, I took occasional breaks to shoot the sunrise.

Golden light over Granite Lake.


The first mile or so of the trail was sprinkled with these beautiful mountain meadows.

We soon came up on Deep Creek, it didn’t seem that deep to me.

Cutting of big logs began after the creek crossing.

Alex and Colleen pose after their first crosscut. I wonder if they will be smiling after their 50th crosscut?

Sam and Art go to work on this one. We had a couple special guests on this ITA trip, two Wilderness Rangers from the Payette National Forest. We were legit!!!

Cut, hike, cut , hike. You know the drill by now.

Lunch Break!

Art single bucks this hanger.

A crosscut saw in action.

On an ITA trip, it is important to have at least two backup supervisors on every cut.

Some people can bucksaw and some can do it with style. Brian is a professional and he had a bounce to his technique. It was almost like a dance!



And after!

Late in the afternoon, with some resistance from Art who wanted to keep working, we stashed the tools for our return trip in the morning. Come back soon for the final day on the Deep Creek Trail.

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