Water Canyon, Winnemucca, Nevada

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Tom and I are headed down to California to climb a peak in the Sierra Nevadas. That is a long drive from McCall so we decided to stop along the way and do a small hike to stretch our legs.

Considering we are having a bit of a heat wave and most of our trip takes us through the deserts of Nevada….. our choices were pretty limited. After a bunch of searching, I found this hike above Winnemucca, Nevada…. It was about 100 degrees in Winnemucca….

As we drove up the mountain to our hike, we watched the car’s thermometer tick its way down to 92 degrees…… Okay, that is good enough!

We hiked slow and steady up Water Canyon along a small babbling brook. It was hot though!

Just around our last corner, we spotted Sonoma Peak which I had read Tom’s brother John climbed 8 years ago in a snow storm. Check out that splattski report here.

A look back down the canyon.

Really cool old quakies!

Although the hike was short and hot, we managed to stretch our legs for the upcoming big climb coming up on Friday. Also, this grove of Quaking Aspens near the parking lot was worth the side trip out of Winnemucca!


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