Idaho Trails Association – Deep Creek Trail (Day 1), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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I spent this weekend working on another ITA project, this time based at Granite Lake. It’s something a little different for me, a camp site with car access. In the distance and on the right horizon, Beaverdam Peak and Pot Peak. A couple peaks I climbed last week.

I drove up a little early and made sure I got a strategic camp site for some nighttime photography.

One last image and it was time to retire into the tent….. the mosquitos came out in the evening and they were BAD!

Around midnight, it was time for some work, my strategic camp site paid off! Luckily, most of the mosquitoes had gone to bed as well.

Notice the shooting starts? It’s Perseid meteor shower time. The glow of light at the bottom of the Milky Way and on the horizon, the lights of McCall.

Fun with light and stars!

So many stars! Now it is time for more sleep because the trail work starts tomorrow!

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