Loon Lake, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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Craig and his son Bryan wanted to hike into Loon Lake and see the plane wreck. An Idaho Classic!!! We got an early start and soon had North Loon Peak in our sights. Also, way down North Loon Peak’s right shoulder and in the distance is Humdinger Peak which Tom and I climbed a couple weeks ago.

When Loon Lake has a calm day, the reflections are amazing!

North Loon Peak on the Left and I believe that is Lost Art Peak in the notch.

The plane wreck is on the far side of the lake so we worked our way around.

This ghostly image appears in the brush.

It is fascinating to be this far out in the wilderness and come across a large mass of metal.

You can click on these images and read about the wreck. Everyone on board survived, talk about lucky!

We made a loop out of the adventure by dropping into the Sesech River. In all, it was just under 15 miles of hiking during a wonderful Idaho day in the mountains!

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